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Tivall – Chargrilled Simulated Beef Burgers – Parve

Here is another great product from Tivall – Chargrilled Simulated Beef burgers. In our house, we have previously tried the two different simulated burger products offered by Yves including the “Cheese flavoured” ones. Overall we prefer the Tivall burgers by just a hair and a bit. Neither product truly tastes like real meat, but the […]

Soy Garden / Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spreads – NON-DAIRY

I gave up dairy products three months ago. I have Crohn’s and it really has made a difference. I feel better, I have less difficulties (nice euphemism) and I have lost a couple of pounds. The problem is, I like butter. I grew up in Ireland, so everything good is creamy and buttery. Earth Balance, […]