Ryza oganic whole brown rice beverage – non dairy (COR DE)

I like rice milk. Not everyone does. It has a slightly chalky texture and a pleasantly dry taste. I really like this taste and texture and I really like Ryza products. Ryza is made from organic brown rice with no added sugar. Since I gave up dairy, I drink it straight and pour it on my breakfast cereal every day.

I seem to be allergic to uncooked soy, so this is a very good choice for people with food allergies. It works well in cooking and adding a dairy-like element to soups and cakes. The vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavours are amazing. On our evolving scale, 5 out of 5.

Look carefully at the kosher certification symbol COR DE. The Kashruth Council of Canada has an informative web site. You can call or email and ask about specific foods under their supervision.

Generally, and this is my explanation, DE stands for made on dairy equipment. That means the production line also makes something with real dairy ingredients and the cleaning process between the dairy and non-dairy does not measure up to kosher standards for completely removing all traces of dairy. Believe it or not, dairy by products can turn up anywhere, including water used to wash the equipment.

In Jewish religious terms, this is enough to keep it off the table when we eat meat. It’s OK after meat if you rinse your mouth first. In our house we drink this only with a salad course or desert of a meat meal. The Orthodox Union does not label anything DE, it’s either dairy or it’s not. The more I read on the subject, the more I see this is a very wise decision for safety and religious reasons.

With this type of milk substitute, there is often a D or DE next to the kosher symbol. D means real milk inside. DE means no milk in the ingredients list, no further claim is made. If milk harms you, be aware. It’s worth the effort to be fully informed.


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