Sesmark Sesame Thins – OU Dairy

Nosh lovers, this is a find that could change the way you view crackers.

I only bought the original flavoured, but as I peruse I see there are also garlic and cheddar flavoured thins. This comes as quite a shock since the original Sesmark Sesame Thins have so much flavour in them. After you treat yourself to a few Sesmark Sesame Thins on their own, now is when the excitement begins. Fill these crackers with cheese (melted or sliced), jam, peanut butter, fish, Humus, your favourite vegetables, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

To keep up with the “thins” name there is a mail in offer for a free Pedometer. The purpose is to help you “Think fit, eat fit, and walk fit.” One warning: the name “thins” isn’t just because they are light on the nutritional side, these crackers aren’t heavy duty so they make break into pieces in the butter or the salsa.

The thins are all-natural and contain no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. The crackers are great tasting, healthy, and an enjoyable snack for all ages. For full ingredients and information, feel free to see the website at

Allergy warning: The sesame thins contain wheat and soy, and may be made in a facility that also processes milk and tree nuts.

The sesame thins are one of many Sesmark products. They come in boxes with a plastic over them so you can make sure to pick up a box that doesn’t have too many broken crackers. Once you found a box with the crackers that look the best, you notice the OU Dairy hecsher on the side. The package size is just over 50 crackers, so there are not tonnes, but there are enough that you might want to watch yourself before you start noshing or they will all be gone before you know.

These crackers are dairy, but if you are fleish, they are worth the wait!


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