ZenSoy – Soy Pudding – U Parve

Perhaps it was the cute panda on the packaging that caught my attention when scanning the dairy refrigerator at the local store or perhaps it was the desire for something sweet. Either way, I’m thrilled that I came across ZENSoy’s “Soy Pudding”. This product is certified USDA Organic and U Parve.

I’ve tried various other brands of parve puddings over the years and while they may meet the sweet tooth criteria, they didn’t make me want to run out and buy more until now. Being Lactose Intolerant and frequently feeling like a sweet creamy dessert after a meat meal, keeps me on the lookout for products like this.

My first venture was to purchase the Vanilla flavour. I opened up the first of four single serving cups, put a spoon in and then tasted a creamy and just sweet enough vanilla packed spoonful of the most wonderful pudding. Before I knew it, I had consumed the entire first serving. The next day, I made sure to share a taste with my six year old. If anyone truly says what he thinks, he does. So as I watch his response anticipating the usual “Yechhhhhh” to any food substitute, instead I got a “mmmmm, can I have the rest?”

So there you have an unbiased opinion of mmmm. I give this treat a 5 out 5.

The soy pudding cups come in three additional flavours: Banana, Chocolate and Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl. Nutritional and other information on this and other products from ZenSoy can be found on their web site at www.zensoy.com


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