Sally’s Dark Chocolae Pecans – Cor Parve

The lable is orange with a hint of pink and the brand is officially “Sally’s The Fresh and Tasty Snack” and the product is their dark chocolate pecans. I found this special treat on the nut and dried fruit display at the Kosher Sobey’s grocery store in Thornhill, Ontario. I’m not sure how widely distributed these chocolate covered nuts are, but if you find them buy them.

I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to parve chocolate. Many times it is simply bitter sweet chocolate that overwhelms ones mouth. In this case, the chocolate is semi-sweet and compliments the large pieces of pecans perfectly.

I tried to find out more, but there is no web site listed on the packaging and a search of web didn’t turn up Sally’s web site. So all I can suggest if you’re interested in purchasing the dark chocolate pecans, and you don’t live in Thornhill or the Greater Toronto area then check your packaging as I suspect that these were simply private labeled for the local market as the packaging states “Product of USA” and that they were packed in Canada.


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