Sha Sha Organic Spelt Lemon Snaps – U Parve

Last week while at the grocery store I accidentally tossed in a package of ShaSha Organic Spelt Lemon Snaps in the shopping cart instead of the usual Spelt Ginger Snaps. This error wasn’t discovered until I got home and started unpacking the groceries.

Being the lazy person I am, I wasn’t about to return to the store to exchange them, so instead I opened them up and gave them a taste. All that I can say is I’m glad I did.

The taste that spread across my mouth was wonderful and oh so enjoyable and the treat even started before I tasted them. When I first examine one of the Lemon snaps, I saw tiny little black specs. Could it be, a quick check of the ingredients confirmed it, these were indeed organic poppy seeds. One thing we all love about ShaSha snaps in my household are the all organic ingredients of the snaps. The lemon flavor didn’t come from some chemical, but instead from Natural Dehydrated Lemon Flavour and the sweetness comes from a combination of organic evaporated cane juice and organic honey.

The initial taste is of a strong lemon flavor (bordering on a bit too strong – similar to a lemon pie) and after just a few seconds, one can taste the subtle flavor of the poppy seeds. The snaps have a great crunch and go nicely with a cup of hot tea.

Overall the Lemon Snaps are enjoyable and make for a nice change to the ShaSha Ginger Snaps that I still prefer. As such, I can only rate them 4.5 out of 5. Of course, if you generally prefer lemon snaps over ginger snaps then you might rate them the other way around.


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