Four O’clock Organic Green Tea – MK Parve

Found this organic green tea in Toronto, and unfortunately the Four O’clock brand of teas is only distributed across Canada according to the companies web site (, so if you live in a border city in the Unite States you might be able to score some when you cross the border.

Four O’clock Organic Green Tea only comes in what they call a Green Tea Chest (60 bags). The cardboard box/chest does function nicely as a disposable tea chest and looks good even on the kitchen counter.

The individually packaged teas, have a very strong yet pleasant green tea smell when you open them. Once you add the hot water and let the tea steep a bit, the tea develops a delicious aroma. The tea has a stronger taste then the average commercial grade of green tea which to me is a good thing. As a bonus, there is almost no lingering aftertaste as well. The tea is great on its own or with a bit of honey added for those who like a sweeter tea.

We rate the Four O’clock Organic Green Tea a 4 out 5. After all, it’s just green tea even if it is an above average tasting green tea.


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