Louisiana Hot Sauce – Star K

The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce has been a staple in our kitchen for years. I first discovered this family favorite nearly 20 years ago on a trip to New Orleans. Bottles of Louisiana Hot Sauce were on virtually every table in every restaurant I visited right next to the salt and pepper. So how could I not give it a try.

Most of us are familiar with the more heavily advertised hot sauces such as Tabasco or “Fred’s Red Hot”. But many people I’ve chatted with over the years have simply never given this brand a try or even know that the Original Louisiana Hot Sauce is kosher. When they do give it a try they are pleasantly surprised and are pleased that I’ve recommended it.

So what makes this hot sauce stand out from all the others. Is it its heat? Is it its strong flavor? The answer is no to both of these. In fact, I would only rate the heat factor as moderate. What I love is the subtle but complex flavors you get when you taste it. This sauce doesn’t overwhelm you primary foods flavor, but instead enhances them. If you want a bit more heat or more flavor add a few more drops. There is no need to be shy with this hot sauce.

I personally love adding about 5 – 6 shakes to my personal serving of Cholent just to give it a kick. Another tasty use I’ve found is to add 1 -2 shakes to a glass or even a can of Coke. Yes to Coke. Be forewarn that that if are adding it directly to a can of Coke, to take a big sip first. Just one or two drops will start the Coke fizzing and if you didn’t take that sip get ready for a small explosion of coke.

The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce get a perfect rating of 5 out 5.


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