Elite Airy (Bittersweet Chocolate) – OU Parve

I must first state that I’m not a big fan of most bittersweet chocolate. I much more prefer semi-sweet or even baker’s chocolate when it comes to eating Parve chocolate. Yet for this recent passover, I saw on the “Kosher for Passover” shelves the Elite Airy (Bittersweet Chocolate) and thought I’d give it a try as the picture on the label reminded me of the Aero bars I loved as a kid.

Once we opened up the 85 gram bar, it didn’t disappoint. Everyone in the family liked it even the kids who normally won’t eat much more than a nibble of bittersweet chocolate. Each piece of the Airy bar has tiny bubbles and that melt very nicely in your mouth. I don’t know if it is the bubbles, but for the first few seconds on the tongue the chocolate actually tastes sweet (more like semi-sweet than bittersweet). If you leave the the bite size piece on your tongue for a few more seconds, you get a somewhat prominent vanilla taste. Nothing too strong or overwhelming, but more than from most other bittersweet chocolates.

What is a bit confusing is the packaging, with its large picture of the trademarked Elite Cow on the wrapper. By first glance, I thought this must be a milk chocolate bar, but then remembered that the cow graces all of Elite’s chocolates. There is no mention of cocoa in the ingredients, just sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, emulsifier and artificial flavor (vanilla). Regardless, it tastes good.

As a testament to the Elite Airy, before Pescha was finished, I headed back to the grocery store to purchase several more bars as I’m not sure if they’ll be carried by the store after Passover and to take advantage of Pescha clearance sale price.

Overall I give the Elite Airy bar a 4 out 5 on the taste scale.


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