Brain Toniq – Energy Drink: EarthKosher

First off I must disclosed that Brain Toniq contacted us and asked if we’d like to review their product. After investigating it, finding out that they only use a variety of organic products and that is is certified kosher by EarthKosher we said yes.

A case of the product arrived in the mail about a week later and I put a few in the refrigerator to cool down. I was rushing around that day getting ready for Sukkot and quickly sampled one to see if it would live up to its billing as an energizing drink and a way to clear the “Head Fog”.

After about 15-20 minutes I started to feel something. I felt an energy rush for about 1 hour and invigorated for about another two hours. Not knowing if it was truly the Brain Toniq or just an adrenaline rush I knew that I’d have to give it another try on another day when things were a little less hectic.

So far, I’ve tried Brain Toniq a total of 4 times. I must admit that on neither of the subsequent trials did I feel the same rush as I did the first time (so let’s just chalk that up to a stress related adrenaline rush), but I did feel something which is more in tune with more mental alertness and a slightly better ability to focus on the job at hand (the clearing of the “Head Fog”). Which matches how the the product is positioned “specifically designed for those who need more mental focus and clarity”.

From firsthand experience, I believe the product works as advertised and its Kosher so what about its taste. If you explore the Brain Toniq website and look at the ingredients you’ll discover that they added “Natural Citrus Extract” purely for flavoring. So the product naturally has a light citrus flavor and is lightly carbonated resulting in an overall pleasant taste that isn’t overly sweat.

I’m even more impressed that they don’t use artificial sweeteners that can leave a nasty after-taste in your mouth nor do they use refined sugar. Instead they’ve sweetened it with organic agave syrup. There are reportedly many health benefit to this type a sweetener that would take too long go into.

Brain Toniq unlike many energy drinks on the market (especially the ones I don’t like) has no caffeine. Instead it relies on a variety of other organic and natural plant botanical and organic compounds with no extracts.

According to their marketing material Brain Toniq contains 5 to 10 times the amount of active ingredients (including Rhodiola root, Choline and DMAE, Eleuthero and wild-harvested Blue-green Algae) then their competitors (I didn’t validate this statement). The concept behind this formalization (according to their web site) is the energy/alertness increases should be longer lasting without a dramatic crash at the end. From my trials, we most certainly did not experience any crash after a few hour unlike the times I’ve tried caffeinated energy drinks.

Based on my 4 trials I’d say they live up to their billing.

Speaking of billing, if you can’t find it in your local stores (check their web site for store locations near you) you can order it on-line in various quantities. Depending on the quantities ordered you can expect a can to cost between $2-3 including shipping within the US and slight higher for shipping to Canada and even a bit more for shipping to other countries.

The only criticism I have is Brain Toniq limited flavors. It is currently offered only in citrus. While I don’t mind the flavor, I know of many people who don’t like citrus tasting drinks and who might prefer something else.

As part of their current promotion, they are offering readers of Kosher Food Reviews a 19% discount valid until November 30, 2009. Simply enter the coupon code KOSHER in their on-line order form to receive your 19% discount.

Overall we give it 4 out 5 mostly because it only comes in one flavor.

A note about the Hechsher (Kosher emblem): The paper packaging at this time displays a Hechsher on the bottom (not in plain view), and each can is stamped with the EarthKosher symbol. During our evaluation we did receive some older cans that were not stamped, but have also received cans displaying the appropriate Hechsher. If having cans displaying the EarthKosher symbol is important to you, be sure to specify this in your ordering instructions just to make sure. The firms kosher certificate is available on their web site.


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  1. We just tried this drink (first I needed to get validation of the hechsher because I had not heard of Earths Kosher before). When my Rabbi got back to me with two thumbs on the hechsher, I put a couple of cans in the fridge to cool down and about an hour later I had my first sip. Tangy, crisp, fresh, and energizing, all without added sugars and caffeine. I am so glad that I found brain toniq on twitter and will get to meet them in person at kosherfest! I was also asked to review the product and when I received verification of the hechsher,I immediately became a huge fan of brain toniq.