Nosher Lactose Free Cheese – Cholov Israel

Just got the heads up on this product. As person with Lactose Intolerance I’m always on the lookout for alternative or lactose free products. For several years now, various non-kosher cheese makers are producing lactose free and rennet free cheeses, but they were never certified kosher.

So I was thrilled to discover that this Canadian cheese from Noshers is not only lactose free but certified Cholov Israel Kosher.

So far I’ve only tried the Muenster (Noshers produces a lactose free cheddar which I haven’t tried) and it was good. The flavor is not a defining as the regular Kosher Muenster or from some other lactose free non-kosher brands, but it’s still good with a great soft texture.

Not much more to say other than I can now buy a kosher lactose free cheese and that makes me very happy.

Overall score 3.5 out 5.


3 Responses to “Nosher Lactose Free Cheese – Cholov Israel”

  1. where can I find the lactose free muenster from noshers?

  2. I’ve seen them at a few stores around Toronto Ontario that specialize in carrying kosher products

  3. does anyone know the phone number i can call to contact the provider? any help would be much apprieciated, seeing as i am a cheese lover and am on my last brick of lactose-free kosher noshers cheese and can’t find anymore anywhere.