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Boom Choco Boom – Parve

The boom CHOCO boom snack bar from was a real find. Before I even opened the package, I notice very large and clearly printed symbols designating the bar as vegan, kosher parve and certified Gluten Free. At last a snack bar from a company that gets it. Now vegans, kosher, lactose intolerant and gluten […]

Munchies® BBQ Flavour Crunchy Coated Peanuts – OU

I picked up a large bag (210 g) of “Munchies® BBQ Flavour Crunchy Coated Peanuts” from Frito Lay Canada in Toronto last week. While I wasn’t looking for a “healthy snack” I was looking for something different to try and since I love almost anything BBQ Flavored I decided to go with these. I don’t […]