Stir-fry Tofu n’Sauce – Parve BC Kosher

My wife picked up two 250g packages of Sunrise Soya Foods “Stir-fry tofu n’sauce” teriyaki the other week. Knowing that each package would make a nice meal for one we used both of them plus rice to make a complete and yummy meal.

On the back of the packaging is a cooking method including which vegetables to use, I veered away from this and did it my way with vegetables that are more to my liking. While I’m sure their suggestion of broccoli and carrots would be great, I used string beans, mushrooms, a variety of peppers and some garlic.

Overall, I must admit that on the surface it’s the convince of the combined tofu and sauce that got our attention. However, once it was all cooked up the real winner was the nice firm tofu pieces. What Sunrise has done is put the tofu right in the sauce instead of selling with the sauce in a separate package like some other companies. This means that the tofu has been sitting in the teriyaki sauce since it was packaged and as a result it’s been absorbing all that flavor. Unlike when you cook tofu and sauce from scratch at home where the tofu barely absorbs any flavor this tofu is reasonable flavorful.
While the packaging boasts that it is ready in 5 minutes, take that with a grain of salt and assume 3-5 minutes once your veggies are just about ready.
The teriyaki flavor was as expect sweet but not too sweat and very pleasant & easy going on the taste buds.
Overall I give this product 4.5 out of 5 because flavor, texture and convenience.
Note this product is available in a variety of other flavors of curry, sesame ginger and Szechuan.

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  1. Yum, would give that a try for sure!

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