Feng Shui Maki Rolls- Parve (OU)

Feng Shui Maki Rolls- Parve (U circle)I’ve been a fan of of Roland Food’s Feng Shui products for years. I’m especially found of their Maki Rolls.

Before you think “Maki” rolls I get these at the sushi place down the road, stop. These are a crunchy snack. Each little snack has a flavorful crunchy rice center that is wrapped in Nori (edible seaweed) just like traditional maki from your favorite sushi place. Combined they give a bust of a slightly salty crunch that explodes in your mouth.

This snack is all natural, cholesterol free, MSG free, Fat Free and Gluten Free. If I can say the only bad thing is much like peanuts, once you open the bag, you’ll have a hard time not finishing off the entire package. Which at about 340 calories per bag may not be the wisest of moves.

So eat in moderation and we give this tasty treat a 5 out 5


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