Ike & Sam’s Kettlecorn – Kickin’ cayenne – Parve

ike & sam's Kettlecorn - Kickin' CayenneJust like so many people out there who are looking for alternative snack foods especially for healthy alternatives for high fat potato chips so is my household. That’s part of the reason we picked up a few bags or “ike & sam’s” kettlecorn in a variety of different flavors at our local store. We loved them all, but my personal favorite is the “kickin’ cayenne”. As an added bounce this flavor is parve (Circle K) so you can eat as a snack before or after any meal and it’s perfect for vegans as well.

This kettle style popcorn has a fantastic crunch and just enough heat and other flavorings to remind me of a great BBQ potato chip. If there is one thing bad to say is that they are hard to stop eating and at 160 calories for a mere 1 oz serving perhaps it isn’t as healthy as one would hope. The snack itself doesn’t have a lot of nutritional benefits but it does make for a good source of fibre and is Trans Fat free.

As with all snacking do it in moderation and enjoy yourself.

We give these a 4.5 out 5 and strongly suggest you check out all the available flavors and find the one that’s right for you. Coming in a close second in our home was the “Original Sweet & Salty”.

If you can’t find it your local grocery store, check out their website as they sell it online as well.


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