Kosher Food for Passover

Kosher food for Passover is one of the toughest things ever. Since you can’t eat any derivatives of leavened bread, it means cake, corn syrup, and good wholesome carbs are out, including barley and rice (unless you customarily eat kitniyot). Matzah is abundantly available, as are some really bad dishes, and it’s one of the most unpleasant weeks if I’m not dieting. 🙂

When you’re strictly Kosher, the best Passovers in my opinion are those spent at catered hotels. I’ve been to a few: Lasko Family Kosher Tours and Leisure Time Tours in Puerto Rico and the Arizona Biltmore. Even though it’s a huge expense, the abundance of meals is pretty unbelievable. For every meal that isn’t a buffet (and when there is a buffet, there are already dozens of options to choose from), they have a menu with 5-6 items to choose from for the main course plus a delightful dessert. For me, the best part of the programs was waking up early (I’m not a morning person in the slightest) to get an egg white omelet with my favorite toppings: mushrooms, onions, and cheese. Every morning except Shabbos, they’d make it. Sometimes, there were chefs that had no skills whatsoever; it was fun to eventually identify the good ones from the bad and by the end of the Passover program, there would be a huge line by the competent chef and no line by the guy who didn’t know how to make a simple omelet. Those were good times.

The last few years have kept me at home, and I don’t really cook. Thankfully, living in NYC means that there are a good amount of restaurants and take out places in the neighborhood that go explicitly Kosher for Passover. The problem, though, is that they have these insane cut-off periods for when they will last accept orders for takeout or even delivery. Unfortunately, that happened to me last week after I sent an email to the eatery 2 weeks prior; I followed up with the Park East Kosher eatery (which has an incredible apple kugel for Passover; you wouldn’t know it wasn’t chametz!) to place the order and was told that they wouldn’t accept my order despite the earlier contact, and they wouldn’t make exceptions to “protect the integrity of my other orders.” Whatever. We established contact prior, so this detail should have been conveyed earlier. If nothing, it is a lesson that I should move faster but that eateries need to communicate their specific deadlines clearly.

And so I am looking for another place to provide my meals. I’m thinking Riverdale Kosher Market in the Bronx will fit the bill. Their owner was much nicer. I just hope that apple kugel is to die for.

Happy Passover, and please enjoy the video:


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