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Chef Martini Eggplant CultetsPicked up a frozen package of Chef Martini Eggplant Cutlets (no website available) Hearty Entrée the other week for just over $3 at my local grocer. The primary reason for giving this a try was to have a parve lunch alternative in the freezer for those days when I felt like a hot lunch. The picture on the cover looked appetizing despite myself not being a fan of eggplant.

I prepared the eggplant cutlets in the microwave according to the instruction on the box. What came out looked nothing like what was displayed on the box. First off the ratio of sauce to cutlet was at least 2 to 1. Secondly while I suspect that there might have been 3 slices of eggplant in the box I could only find 1 plus what looked like the remains of another which must have disintegrated during the processing and cooking.

On a positive note, the tomato sauce was nice not too sweet, but was very one note in flavor. The eggplant (that I could find) had a very mild flavor nothing like what I’m used to tasting, but it was mushy and almost to the point of liquifying.

Would I by this again? Not if I can avoid it. It was most certainly not worth the $3 I paid. Perhaps if it cost $1.50.

One the positive side of things, Chef Martini Eggplant Cutlets don’t contain any trans fat and came in at a mere 101 calories and 1g of fat for the entrée. Perhaps the texture would have come out better if I had followed the conventional oven heating directions but I doubt it.

As a last note, on the back of the box a website is given (, but when I went to check it out, there was no website. So they’ve either gone out of business, or haven’t taken the time to create one. Either way, another reason to avoid this product.

We give Chef Martini Eggplant Cutlets a 1.5 out 5 only because of the low calorie count & no trans fats. If it wasn’t for these assets, scoring would be much less.




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