Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices – Parve

I picked up Toufutti Soy-Cheese Slices for the 1st time a few months back and have subsequently purchased them again. So right off the bat that should tell you they are good. I also recommended them to my rabbi (who is lactose intolerant) as a cheese alternative.

Tofutti Tofu-Cheese Slices Mozzarella  Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices America Flavor

First off, what separates these soy-cheese slices form other brands (beyond being kosher) is they are parve. Most soy based simulated cheese products contain “casein” an enzyme obtained from dairy and hence those products if kosher are deemed dairy. I’ve tried some of these other slices and they generally have a bit more flavor than Tofutti’s products.

Tofuttii offers two flavors; Mozzarella and America. I my opinion the American (orange) has a bit more flavor over the mozzarella. My kids agreed with me. One other thing they agreed with me on was that neither tasted like what they were trying to emulate. If you ignore what they attempt to taste like and close your eyes while tasting them, you’ll say “not bad and maybe good”.

Both types of soy-cheese slices melted reasonably well in both the microwave and toaster oven. I used them to make some nice tasting pizza bagels.  My favorite way to enjoy these slices was to put them on a fresh challa roll with crisp lettuce and a couple of slices of tomatoes.  This made for a very enjoyable sandwich.

I also melted them on top of a fried egg as part of a breakfast sandwich which was very delicious. Being lactose intolerant, it’s something I’ve never enjoyed before so it was a bit foreign to me. Being parve, if you so desired you could even add a slice to your hamburger (check with your rabbi if this is acceptable for you first, my rabbi told me it was OK, but if I was having company to be sure to show them the package).

Overall, these slices make for a nice change in my diet and being parve are a great protein source for vegans as well. We only gave them a 3.5 out of 5 because we’d like something that tastes a bit better.


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