Tasty Bite “Tikka Masala” and “Good Korma” Cooking Sauces

Guest review by: @Pretty_Veggie

Tasty Bite Kosher Cooking SaucesIt can be pretty difficult to find kosher “Asian” or “Eastern” spices, curries, cooking sauces, etc., and these were a huge surprise.

I was doing one of my periodic perusals of the “Asian” section of the supermarket and was drawn to the bright boxes and packets of the “Tasty Bite” section.  I’ve used their products before, but hadn’t noticed that so many of them are kosher.  Their packaged “meals” tend not to be kosher, but most of their side dishes and cooking sauces are!

Since I really love Asian and Eastern flavors I was wary of the cooking sauces but was amazed at what I found.  In both cases I followed the easy directions on the package, but “doctored them up” a bit by adding a package of mixed vegetables (to the veg “chicken” I used in the recipe), vegetable broth, and some additional spices because I like things spicy, but they were delicious even without the extra touches.

The cooking sauces were quick and easy to use, and surprisingly good.  I’ll bet the side dishes are just as good, and from what I saw on the “Tasty Bite” website, it would be so easy to heat them and pour them over rice for a really quick and easy meal.

I did find these in a good, local supermarket, but you can also order directly from their website.  www.TastyBite.com

Guest Review by
“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


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