Cascadian Farm Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Granola – Kosher Dairy

Guest review by: @Pretty_Veggie

IKosher Granolaf you like a little granola crunch with your yogurt, or anywhere else, you’ve probably been perplexed about why it seems to be impossible to find a delicious and not crazily calorie-filled granola.  The low calorie ones taste awful.  The high calorie ones taste good…. but they’re SO high calorie!

I’ve been into “Greek” yogurt for a long time, and I usually make it myself by draining plain yogurt until it’s really thick and then adding a bit of salt.  I usually top it with honey or granola and it’s really delicious.  Orange Blossom honey on yogurt is wonderful, but sometimes you’re just really craving a crunch.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the granolas in the cereal section of the supermarket and wasn’t finding anything interesting. “Fruits and Nuts” equals “High Calorie.” “Low Fat” equals “Tastes like Cardboard.”  (They all seem to have cinnamon, too, which I don’t like in granola.)

It occurred to me that there’s cereal in the “healthy” section, and I found quite a few, most calorie laden or sounding pretty cardboard-y.  But, here was one I hadn’t seen before, “Cascadian Farm Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Granola.”  What I found interesting, aside from the addition of dark chocolate, was that the portions were based on ¾ cup, rather than ½ cup, making the calorie count lower (or at least equal to) other granolas.

All I can say is its crunchy and delicious, and I’ve just finished my THIRD box.  I’ve had to hold back from buying another because I’m afraid of blasting through it like I did with the previous three.  Once I have better control of myself, I will definitely buy another!

Give it a try….and hang on to your hat!  Delicious as a topping, or straight out of the box!

Guest Review by
“Pretty Veggie” Mindy


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