Of Tov: Grilled Turkey Shawarma

Of Tov Turkey Shawarma

I’m thrilled to have discovered Of Tov’s Grilled Turkey Shawarma at my local grocery store. We prepared it according the microwave instructions on the package. The shawarma is OU certified and labelled Kosher Le Mehadrine.

After reviewing Of Tov’s Grilled Chicken Wings I was hoping that this product would live up to my previous expectations of OfTov products.

What came out, was moist and tasty shawarma. I’m not about to claim that this pre-cooked and frozen shawarma tastes good as the best shawarma out there, but it does rival in taste and texture most medium to higher end shawarma that I’ve purchased (both kosher and non-kosher).

When added to pita along with typical toppings (hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.), I was hard pressed to even differentiate it from some of the better shawarma places out there.

A single bag produces enough shawarma to make 4-5 sandwiches (depending on how much shawarma you like to stuff each one with).

Overall, we give Of Tov’s Grilled Turkey Shawarma a 4.5 out 5 and have already purchased more for our freezer.


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