Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie Kosher Dairy

Gave Amy’s Vegetabel Pot Pie a try the other week.  I like that it’s made with organic vegetables. A close read of the ingredients shows that it contains butter. Hence the product is of course classified as Kosher dairy and not ideal for lactose intolerant people.  Being lactose intolerant I gave it a try and hoped that the amount of dairy (lactose) in it wouldn’t be too much for me. Thankfully it wasn’t.

According to ingredient list it contains (beyond the butter) organic whole wheat flour, potatoes, carrots, tofu, onions, rice flour, peas and a variety of different seasonings. I must admit that the portion of vegetables that came out of mine was close to the picture on the packaging.

The single serving pie contains a whopping 420 calories and 19 grams of fat. That’s a lot in my opinion for something that size. On the positive side, it does contain of your daily recommended intake of:  Vitamin A  50%, Vitamin C 10%, and  Iron 10%.

I prepared the vegetable pie in the microwave according to the provided instructions. It was ready in about 4 minutes and came out bubbling (I could have cut the time down by about 15 seconds) and looked a lot like the picture. I’m sure if I prepared in the oven, the top would have browned.

The whole thing was a bit soggy (I guess the oven version might have been more flaky) but still firm. Unfortunately this is where the good news stops. The taste was bland, it needed pepper or something. I turned to a bottle of Louisiana style hot sauce to enhance it’s flavor.

I’ve tried various a variety of products from Amy’s while not one is over seasoned, this on from the taste perspective sits right in the middle of the bland lane of the food highway.

Overall I have to give Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie Kosher a 2.5 out 5 on our scales. They get 1 for the organic and healthy content, a 1.0 for the convenience and 0.5 for taste. I don’t think we’ll be buying it again.


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