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Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie Kosher Dairy

Gave Amy’s Vegetabel Pot Pie a try the other week.  I like that it’s made with organic vegetables. A close read of the ingredients shows that it contains butter. Hence the product is of course classified as Kosher dairy and not ideal for lactose intolerant people.  Being lactose intolerant I gave it a try and hoped that the […]

Cashew Brittle – Parve Recipe

I make this recipe every year for Passover and the family goes nuts (pun intended) for my Cashew Brittle. It isn’t difficult to make but does take time and a lot of attention. Here’s what you’ll need to ultimate successful brittle. 1 large non-stick frying pan 1 silicone spatula 1 silicone pad. Ingredients 1 lbs […]