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Yves Veggie Pizza Pepperoni – OU Parve

Over the past couple of years, Yves Veggie Pizza Pepperoni has almost become a staple around our home. Let me just say that these pre-sliced pepperoni are delicious cold or hot. It’s very hard when using them in cooking not to nibble on 1 or 2 of them. Do they taste as good a real […]

Stir-fry Tofu n’Sauce – Parve BC Kosher

My wife picked up two 250g packages of Sunrise Soya Foods “Stir-fry tofu n’sauce” teriyaki the other week. Knowing that each package would make a nice meal for one we used both of them plus rice to make a complete and yummy meal. On the back of the packaging is a cooking method including which […]