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Amy’s Macaroni & Soy (Kosher Dairy)

Amy’s Macaroni & Soy CheezE as the name implies uses a soy based cheese substitute to make the cheesy like sauce. This soy product contains caseinate (a dairy derived protein) making this product not suitable for vegans and garnering it a kosher dairy hechsher (OU-Dairy). I prepared the macaroni & soy according the packagings instructions for the […]

Tasty Bite “Tikka Masala” and “Good Korma” Cooking Sauces

Guest review by: @Pretty_Veggie It can be pretty difficult to find kosher “Asian” or “Eastern” spices, curries, cooking sauces, etc., and these were a huge surprise. I was doing one of my periodic perusals of the “Asian” section of the supermarket and was drawn to the bright boxes and packets of the “Tasty Bite” section.  I’ve […]