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Sesame Ezekiel Bread – Parve

Guest review by: @Pretty_Veggie “Flourless Sprouted Grain Bread.” Pretty Chi-Chi Fou-Fou, huh?  Or Hippy Dippy, if you remember those days. I’ve been a lover of good bread for years, and was really in heaven while living in Europe because of all the great, fresh breads. (Great chocolate helped, too, but that’s another story.) Grainy, nutty, […]

Shmeer Grilling Sauce Honey Brown Lager

I was given a full bottle of Shmeer Grilling Sauce as a sample from the company ( about a month ago and now that BBQ season is here I decided to give it a try. So the other day I went out and purchased a nice roast (cut here is called London Grill). I prepared the […]