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Tofutti Soy-Cheese Slices – Parve

I picked up Toufutti Soy-Cheese Slices for the 1st time a few months back and have subsequently purchased them again. So right off the bat that should tell you they are good. I also recommended them to my rabbi (who is lactose intolerant) as a cheese alternative.    First off, what separates these soy-cheese slices form other brands (beyond […]

Solgurt (Dairy Free Soy Yogurt) – Kosher Parve

Being lactose intolerant, I’m always on the look out for dairy alternatives and have tried many different soy based yogurt alternatives over the years. So when I spotted Solgurt from Sol Cusine a dairy free cultured soy product from a brand I had never tried before I decided to give it a try. I purchased […]