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Cashew Brittle – Parve Recipe

I make this recipe every year for Passover and the family goes nuts (pun intended) for my Cashew Brittle. It isn’t difficult to make but does take time and a lot of attention. Here’s what you’ll need to ultimate successful brittle. 1 large non-stick frying pan 1 silicone spatula 1 silicone pad. Ingredients 1 lbs […]

Kosher Food for Passover

Kosher food for Passover is one of the toughest things ever. Since you can’t eat any derivatives of leavened bread, it means cake, corn syrup, and good wholesome carbs are out, including barley and rice (unless you customarily eat kitniyot). Matzah is abundantly available, as are some really bad dishes, and it’s one of the […]